Band of Pirates

Band of Pirates | 2 - 4 players | Ages 10+ | 45 min | a cooperative board game by Nico Pierik
Play experience: cooperation, pickup and delivery, fighting naval battles, dice rolling.

Development of the board game Band of Pirates is on hold until the Fall of 2020.

Band of Pirates back of game box

The year 1664 has been a terrible year for us, people of the Caribbean. We are being targeted by the Spanish and their huge war galleons. They have not only taken our homes, they’ve also plundered our food supplies. We escaped by the skin of our teeth, ending up on Mona Island and Kunder Island. Only here will we be safe. But how to get any food? There are not enough resources on these islands for us all to survive. If we don’t act now, we will starve to death within nine months.

We will rise up -- the Spanish think they stole everything we had, but they forgot the most important thing: our fighting spirit! It’s up to us now to take back what’s ours. Fate united us under the Jolly Roger, and together we will fight to survive.

We need to be swift -- the Spanish are working on a strong military port in Santo Domingo. The longer we wait, the stronger they’ll get. So let’s take up arms now! United the Band of Pirates will fight for glory and justice!

Game objective

Making sure the people on the pirate islands Mona Island and Kunder Island will get enough food within 9 game rounds (= 9 months) in order for them to survive. This will be a success if the pirates steal back enough food from the Spanish.

Players cooperate within the Band of Pirates and they either win or lose together. The game is for 2 - 4 players.

When do the players win?

The players need to deliver two barrels with food, on each of the two pirate islands: Mona Island and Kunder Island.

Winning together 1/2
Reclaim one barrel of bananas (yellow) and one of avocados (green) and deliver these to Mona Island.

Winning together 2/2
Reclaim one barrel of grapefruits (red) and one of coconuts (white) and deliver these to Kunder Island.

When do the players lose?

Losing together
If the Spanish have delivered four barrels in the Spanish port Santo Domingo. It doesn’t matter what food is delivered; once there are four barrels in this port, the players lose.
If after 9 game rounds (= 9 months) insufficient food has been delivered to the people.

Roles for the players

Captain Grissom the Strong: Ship with the most firepower.
Captain Firion the Swift: A very very fast ship indeed. Can even inspire others to go faster.
Captain Vilengo the Scholar: Best navigator in the fleet, will get you to a safe haven after a lost naval battle.
Captain Trixter the Nifty: With some nifty craftsmanship this one has the largest cargo hold of the fleet.
Captain Larsani the Cunning: The bandits aboard can perform sneak attacks on Spanish ships, for the right price that is.